Scanner Performance

Did you see this performance by Scanner on Saturday? He had a set of performances cancelled, so did one online. I really, really like Scanner’s early work (I’ll try to post a link underneath here). Really great to see lots of people get creative to continue their creative work. I’m sure you’ve seen the spilling of Bach onto Twitter – it’s lovely. Personally, I feel that in these times BBC3 has become all the more crucial to my day. I only get to hear the part between 06:30 and 07:30 but it’s a vital link to the world. Have you seen the link to ‘IsolationFest’ that Hannah Hodgson is organising? Go here: Also, you’ll have heard that Carlisle’s Speakeasy is going online using ‘Zoom’ – you’ll be able to find details on their Facebook page here: Whilst online technologies cannot link everyone, it’s great to see people forging links.

You might be interested in Scanner’s early material. Here’s his album ‘Delivery’. I’ve always wanted to write a piece on it… and maybe this will force me to!

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